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Military surplus clothing (sometimes referred to as army surplus clothing) and accessories serve a functional purpose for those in the military, chosen for their durability and comfort, not their style! However, visit any military surplus store and you'll likely see everyday people browsing for everything from thermal tees to combat boots.

Army surplus apparel has become so popular that you'll see it incorporated into many fashion labels' lines military surplus styles have even appeared on the runways of high fashion brands such as Dior and Prada. However, if you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on one piece of military surplus apparel, we suggest you seek out an army surplus store to find low-priced clothing, shoes and accessories.

Looking for military surplus style? Here are three army surplus looks that are hot this year:

Military surplus dog tags. In the past, army surplus dog tags were used for a much more serious purpose: they were worn around the necks of soldiers and carried information like their name and blood type. Often military surplus dog tags were used to identify dead bodies that were otherwise unrecognizable.

However, more recently military surplus dog tags have become a fashionable army surplus item that both guys and girls like to wear. Personalized army surplus dog tags with inscriptions such as "I love you" and "Best friends" have become a common gift for people of all ages. You can find military dog tags at many army surplus stores at low prices, and some even offer free engraving.

Camouflage clothing. Camo pants came onto the fashion scene in the 90s, when musicians and rappers started wearing them with boots and white t-shirts or tank tops. Originally, guys bought baggy camouflage pants at military surplus stores, but increasingly women's clothing designers started releasing army surplus camo-patterned leggings and khakis that fit figures more snugly, available at women's clothing stores rather than at army surplus stores. But it's not just camouflage pants you'll find at army surplus stores. You can find items such as camouflage t-shirts, jackets, bandannas, and even women's bikinis at many military surplus stores.

One benefit of buying military surplus clothing at an army surplus store is that you know the pieces are authentic, which means they'll last far longer than those sold in department stores or women's clothing stores.

Army surplus boots (combat boots). While some people have started buying combat boots from labels such as Dr. Martens, many still opt for the classic military surplus style you won't find anywhere but at army surplus stores. There are a lot of different types of military surplus combat boots, from heavy duty black waterproof boots to low-cut beige combat boots that could almost pass as sneakers. People visit military surplus stores to find high quality combat boots from brands such as Magnum and Converse.

If you're looking for cheap military surplus gear, you don't have to spend a fortune ordering from high-end shops online or browsing the racks at your local department store. Stylish and sturdy army surplus clothing is closer than you think! Simply visit your local military surplus store or look for an online army surplus store that offers great gear at low prices.

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Prada Bags For Sale On UK With Free Shipping |
Forum/NEWS » Liverpool Virtual ATC » Teamspeck » Prada Bags For Sale On UK With Free Shipping | (Prada Bags For Sale On UK With Free Shipping)
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