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The Benefits of Electric Bicycles
JosephSopDate: Friday, 2016-03-25, 7:37 PM | Message # 1
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If you are looking for purchasing or building your own electric bike you will need to coach your hair a bit on different technical terms so you can make an educated decision when buying batteries on your bike.
One term which could show up is watt hours or Wh in short. A Watt Hours is an important measurement when determining just how much battery capacity you require to travel a nominated distance. It represents the complete energy obtainable in a given battery pack. It is calculated by multiplying the amp hour or Ah of the power supply by the complete voltage with the pack. A 36-volt 20Ah pack along with a 72-volt 10Ah pack both contain 720 watt-hrs; therefore they ought to both be capable of getting you a similar distance provided you ride in the same speed. With the 72v pack you'll be able to accelerate faster and also have a greater top speed as opposed to 36v pack. If you take benefit of this (it is certainly hard to never make use of all that extra power) and ride with a faster you will encounter more wind resistance burning more power. This will lead to your distance traveled before the batteries used up being below that with the 36v pack traveling with a lower speed but you will reach your destination faster. With a Crystalyte 5304 hub motor in the 24-inch rim and a motor controller set to 90 amps you may average around 35 to 45 watt-hrs per km (58-75 watt-hrs per mile). This is with a cruising speed of about 65KPH (40MPH) no pedaling. How fast you accelerate along with your top speed will influence your power consumption. It will also vary depending on how flat or hilly the terrain is and just how much weight you might be carrying. You can use lower than 25 watt-hrs per KM if you ride really slowly (using the same setup stated previously) on flat terrain or use over 65 watt-hrs per KM riding full throttle up hills.

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